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Things We Bury

Siblings, secrets, love and lies

Three siblings, reunited in their home town, are struggling to deal with the fallout of a car crash that almost killed their father. This, on top of everything else life is throwing at them.

Josh is trying to save his marriage and hard-won TV career in the wake of a painfully public sexual harassment scandal. But is he really as innocent as he says?

Jac, perennially single, is getting married – unbeknownst to her family. But will the private war she’s been waging since leaving the town sabotage this relationship, too?

Dane, ever honest and dependable, is running the family business while their father is in hospital. But not everything is aboveboard. Can he look the other way for his dad’s sake?

A mysterious list of names. Long-hidden family secrets. Old, festering wounds.

Cover of Things We Bury with the title and a picture of a car driving at night

Praise for Things We Bury:


‘Davies writes with rare clarity and empathy, giving a razor-sharp insight into the complexities of modern life. An acutely observed, utterly compelling family drama.’

‘From the opening page of Things We Bury, I was so immersed in the Harding family I felt like I was one of them. Weighty emotional themes are carried along in a fluent and easy style, and when all seems to be spinning apart, the ties of love are stress-tested. Only a truly gifted novelist could pull this off, and Matthew Ryan Davies has written a beautiful, moving family drama.’

Things We Bury had me in the first chapter! So compelling, so well written, so damn clever. It is that book that will have you saying “just one more chapter” until it’s finished. I am already desperate for his next book.’


‘Jeez, this family. Their stories. It's like an addiction. It gets into your veins and it is very hard to quit them.’

This Thing of Darkness

How do you forgive the unforgivable?

Riley’s sister is dead and she feels responsible. Nothing numbs the pain. Nobody gets her. Until she meets Dean. He’s new to the school, mysterious, and Riley is immediately drawn to him. But when Dean’s dark past surfaces, their two tortured worlds collide. This Thing of Darkness explores the power of understanding and forgiveness – even when the pain is unbearable and the crime unspeakable.

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This Thing of Darkness book cover
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